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Friends of Ernest Caravalho

1031 Nuuanu Ave. #2006

Honolulu, HI, 96817

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         MY QUEST

This is my quest. 


For all of our people I will fight to reverse the corruption that exist in our government. 


I will fight for the rights of the people to live a life that is befitting for all human beings one that is fair and just. 


I will fight for the right of our aina to be cleansed of the filth and pollution that has been brought upon her and I will fight for the rights of our future generations that they too may be able to live in a Hawai'i that is truly pono to all our people. 


I will reach out for that unreachable star and in doing so I will fight for all of us. 


Ernest David Kaimana Caravalho

My message to you the voters before the Democratic Primary in August 11th.

A brief interview by Maui Time Weekly.


Our new vision for Hawai'i won't be complete without you.

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