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Clean Water

For most of us, when we think of clean water, we only think about the water we drink and or bathe in. When I speak of clean water, I refer to the need to have clean water for everything that depends on it. I'm referring to clean water for our plants, animals, and insects that reside on the islands. When I speak of clean water, I am referring to the countless fish and other life forms that reside in our bodies of water, whether it be a river, stream, lake, pond or the ocean itself. 

Everything that lives in and around Hawai'i needs clean water, not just humans.

     Why is it that almost everywhere we live in Hawai'i, people are using water filters? Why do we see so many buying water for their homes or paying for water delivery services? Why is it that when one person moves from point a to b, the quality of their water can vary drastically? How come our beaches close every time there is storm? And why is there more and more garbage washing up on our shores?

     Water is a big issue here in Hawai'i. How should we handle it?

     I believe that we should:

  • Protect the most important element to our daily lives.

  • Clean up Red-Hill, hold military/Navy accountable for what they have done.

  • Stop water deviations by corporations, especially when those deviations hurt communities and the natural environment around it.

  • No one wants to surf in garbage. Having clean waves to enjoy and surf in will keep the beach goers and wave riders happy. Not to mention, can you imagine if no one wanted to surf our shores because of pollution?

  • Officially declare water a human right and establish that it belongs to nature first and then to the people.

  • Declare that loss of profit is not in any way a justification to privatize or lay claim to water.

  • Establish that land owners still do not own the water that runs through their land, as all water travels through and they have no right to try to exact greed over it but instead have a responsibility to make sure that it is both clean and unpolluted after it leaves their land.

  • Force major polluters to pay for water restoration and clean up.

  • Have the end goal of having all clean waterways once again in Hawai’i.

     And this is just the beginning and by no means is a full and comprehensive list as each island has its own issues with water, They all need to be and will be addressed in a way that ends with clean water and access to it.

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