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Fishing Industry

Hawai'i's fishing industry is at a crossroads. On the one hand our fishing industry makes its living from the fish in the sea. One the other hand, fish populations are at critical levels and every year they get smaller and smaller. If we continue on our present path, the ecosystems will collapse in the near future, which in turn means there will be no way for the fisheries and their fisherman to earn a living. I have a solution in the form of a proposal to help them both.

Use Your Boats to Fish or Something Else?
Let's keep it real

     Let me start by saying, I am not against fishing nor am I anti fisherman. I love to eat fish as a matter of fact. I used to love to fish with my grandfather. But what I am about now is taking care of the fish and the oceans and making sure that there is something there for our future generations to eat.


     We need to let fish be fish, to thrive and multiply. We have let our greed take over what we consume. Before we used to fish for what we wanted to eat, now we fish to catch as much as we can to make as much money as we can. We have become corrupted and now we are having to square with paying the price of our greed and over consumption.    

     It is an undeniable fact that the number of fish in the sea has been steadily declining for some years now. With bigger boats, larger nets, bigger fleets, and a growing demand, we have plundered the oceans bounty to the point where there are more garbage/polluting particulates in the oceans than there are fish for us to eat. Think about that. We have replaced fish with garbage.


     There is plenty of literature out there to show that if we continue on our current path, before 2050, our oceans major ecosystems will likely collapse. I believe that it will likely happen well before that if we don't act now. The problem is that if there is any kind of a moratorium on fishing, immediately the fisheries are up in arms, and rightly so, as that is how they make a living. And for most, that is all they know. So the question becomes, how do we take the pressure off of our oceans ecosystems so that they may recover and regenerate for future use and still provide the fisheries a way to use their skills and equipment to earn a living? I have an idea that just might be able to address those issues: we create an international ocean clean up trust.

     What are the details? Stay tuned for that as we will reveal the full idea behind the plan once the election really kicks off.


What you need to know

     The sad truth is that there is all sorts of contamination in the oceans as it is. In the Pacific Ocean we are dealing with all kinds of garbage that is both inside the fish and other sea life like dolphins, whales, and turtles. And to make matters worse there is the addition of nuclear radiation from the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

     Radioactive water has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean for years now. It has spread to pretty much every corner of the Pacific and beyond.

     This matters because all of this and more is in our fish. Then we eat it without a thought just because we like or love the taste of fish. For others it's more a matter of tradition or a primary food source.

     I don't want you to live in ignorance of what is going on in our oceans. I want you to be informed so that we may act. The more we know the better armed we will be when it comes time to do something about these issues. And the time to act, is now.

     We have been kicking the can down the road for decades now, refusing to take responsibility for our pollution. And this is the whole world we are talking about here, not just Hawai'i. The worlds garbage and pollution infests the ocean all around us. Not a single state or country has stepped up to honestly do something about this astronomically enormous issue. No one person can solve it and no one state can fix it.

     Hawai'i being positioned where it is can not afford to ignore what is happening and we cannot fail to act. So this becomes a two fold issue: 1) the decline of our fisheries. 2) the pollution of the oceans and by extension, the contamination of our fisheries.

     It is up to you as to how we move forward. Join me and our campaign for Governor, and let's take charge of our future.

Ready to join?

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