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Universal Health Care

As the only complete democratic state in the union, there is no reason why Hawai'i should not have single payer healthcare, otherwise known as universal healthcare, for everyone. It is passed time that we move beyond complicated systems of healthcare that are completely for profit and where human life is dependent on the bottom line. And in an era where our federal government has been taken over by corrupt and inhuman individuals, it is up to us the City and County of Honolulu and the state of Hawai'i, to step up and do what is right for our people.

Your Life Matters...

It's Time To Take Care of All

     I want to be perfectly clear: there is no reason whatsoever that Hawai'i can not have a healthcare system that takes care of everyone. If there is anything that has shown that Hawai'i needs to step up and take care of its people, it is the terrible situation with our federal government. 


     When I speak of universal health care I don't just mean a medical system that streamlines administration thereby cutting down on costs and processing times. When I speak of a universal health care system I don't just mean one that covers all of the residents and citizens of Hawai'i. When I speak of a universal health care system I am referring to system that starts with our children and their food and the overall well being of all the people that reside in Hawai'i.

     The connections between what we eat and our health are undeniable. So to are the connections between what we grow, how we grow it, what is in the dirt it is grown in and what is sprayed on it while it grows. Our health is dependent on clear air and clean water as well so don't limit your thinking into a box where universal health is merely a system that provides medical coverage for all citizens because it is not that simple.

     A universal health system in Hawai'i will also include dental care, give you options for treatment aside from the standard pharmaceutical approach and focus more on the type of care you want versus trying to persuade you into giving you the care the old system is created to give you. 

     There are many old and new systems and ways of helping people to heal that are not talked about or even widespread as a result of the control that big pharma has on our doctors and healthcare. The creation of a fair and comprehensive system here will help to correct all of those flaws of our current system. Because of this, we can not be sacred to progress, to change and evolve. Your life matters, your health matters, and the amount of stress and worry that will be lifted from the general populace when they no longer have to worry whether being sick will bankrupt them or whether they can afford to get a broken arm looked at, will drastically increase the happiness of our beloved Hawai'i.

A universal healthcare system will:


  •  Streamline care, simplify and drastically reduce logistics, saving you time and giving you greater access to the care you seek anywhere and anytime on the islands.

  • A big complaint both from patients and doctors is that they need more time and freedom to actually care for patients. A streamlined system will facilitate this most crucial aspect of care. 

  • A huge aspect that will be eliminated with a universal healthcare system are the copay's.

  • Why are your mouth and teeth magically excluded from your healthcare? As though your mouth, what is contained within and what goes into it, does not play an integral part in your health. Dental and oral health will be integrated into a single payer system because digestion starts at the mouth.

  • The new universal healthcare law will also ban any and all drug advertisements in Hawai’i.

  • A new healthcare system will no longer focus solely on medicines and pills as the go to for everything. Food, medicinal plants and herbs as well osteopathic care and exercise will play a major role.

  • We need to reduce the reliance on prescription drugs and drastically change the rules on opioids.

  • Expand the use of medical cannabis and other plants by fully legalizing them and testing them for practical uses to get away from over prescribing medications and opioids.

  • Educate the populace on the dangers of consuming too many processed sugars and the connections between what you eat and your health.

     This is also by no means a fully comprehensive list. As we collaborate and speak with more progressive professionals we will update our info but rest assured that the way forward is a universal healthcare system. 

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