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We Have Our Work Cut Out For Us


The Key To a Progressive Future

Education is a no brainer for me. The more we invest in it, the better off Hawai'i will be and as a result we will see a decrease in many different problems across the state.
A complete reform of our Hawai'ian education system is what's needed. From better teacher pay to better facilities, to free tuition for all public universities.

Health Care

The Stakes are High

If the Federal Government is not going to take the lead in making sure all of its citizens have health care as a right, then it is up to the states to make it happen for their residents.
There is no reason why universal healthcare cannot be a reality here in Hawai'i. It is my intention to ensure that this happens.


A Necessity for All

The way housing is treated here in Hawai'i is criminal: if you live in anything aside from a house, it's pretty much illegal.
We all acknowledge that every human being needs shelter to rest, to protect yourself from the elements, and to have a place to put your stuff. Not to mention that without a physical address, you can hardly get anything done!

The Houseless

A Byproduct of Our Systems and Policies


Let me be perfectly clear: the houseless are a direct by product of the inherent flaws of our current systems and ways of governance.

If we are to truly end houselessness, our approach must be co-operative, empowering and uplifting, not criminalization.

Renewable Energy

Solar Spills or Oil Spills?

Coal and Oil are the energies of the past. Greed and subversion by fossil fuel corporations is what has kept us hooked this long, to the detriment of our environment and our planet.
Hawai'i must end its dependence on these energies as fast as possible. The transition will not be painless but it must be done in order to have a sustainable Hawai'i and a livable planet.


A Neglected Foundation

Hawai'is infrastructure needs to be upgraded and completely changed in some areas. 
How we distribute energy, our roads, our bridges, as well as how we deal with water and sewage, must be upgraded across the islands.
New ideas and technologies are being developed and used by other countries to great success. It is time Hawai'i upgrade its approach.


Food Should Always Be A Priority

Hawai'i no longer grows most of its own food. Shocker right? We need to turn that around and get to where we grow 90% of all the food we consume.
As an isolated group of islands, we cannot afford to be dependent on off island sources to feed ourselves. We must preserve our agricultural lands, move away from dangerous pesticides and deal with GMO's.

Trash & Recycling

On Land & In the Oceans

Did you know that we burn most of our trash for energy to include recyclables?
The sad fact is that Hawai'i is littered with garbage. Whether it is from our own doing or brought in by the currents, both of those are irrelevant if we do not have the facilities and systems to deal with it in a way that does not involve burying it under ground or burning it.

Trade - Import & Export

The Jones Act

We all know that everything in Hawai'i is more expensive than elsewhere. While that has to do with a lot of different factors, when it comes to items we import, the main culprit behind increased costs is the Jones act.

We believe that the first major step in dealing with this is with a campaign of greater awareness.


Boats, Planes, Trains & Automobiles

The rail, our roads, automobiles, cars, trucks, all of these will be changing and are changing. With our eyes set on the future, we must create a smooth transition from the old to the new.
What does that mean? That means making changes in our mentality when it comes to how we get around and why.

Government & Elections

Power To The People

Let's face it: our government is severely flawed. We have the first fully democratic government in decades and yet things continue on the same way.
We must get money out of our politics, change how elections are held, how we hold our elected officials accountable and not sell ourselves short. We can do a lot better and if we truly want a responsive government of the people, we must change it.

The Kingdom

Uplifting A People

In the U.S. the phrase "Never Forget" is often used. Typically referring to some tragedy, attack or perceived injustice. Well, to the native Hawai'ians, what was done to them, their royalty and their lands, is something they will never forget.
As a man of justice and fairness, I know that before true healing can be begin, we must face the past and make amends. Then and only then can we move forward.

Courts & The Judicial System

Let's Not Sell Ourselves Short

Let's be really honest here, how many of us see the justice system as more of the injustice system?
We punish the innocent and guilty alike. Non violent offenses often get higher punishments than violent ones. We ship the convicted to other states and you can hardly represent yourself in court (the system is so complex) without a lawyer, unless you have money. That immediately plays against the poor and those struggling to get by or living paycheck to paycheck.

Police & Law Enforcement

We Can Do Better

Many of us have reason to be thankful for law enforcers and what they do. The chances are you know someone or have a family member who is a cop. This does not make them immune to corruption, needless violence, or even breaking the law themselves. This is where the breach of trust has occurred.
Our police has been mired in scandals with little accountability and if we are to re-establish trust, we must reform our police force.

Clean Water

There is no Substitute

There are clear and present threats to our water here in Hawai'i. Pesticides. Waste Contamination. Water privatization. Water divergence. CLIMATE CRISIS.
If the state does not step in and make sure that our water is protected and properly managed, it will threaten all life on the islands.

Invasive Species

Time To Get Serious

We have many invasive species here on the islands, plant and animal alike. Hawai'i's combined efforts have made an impact but it has not gone far enough.
If things continue as they are, Hawai'i's ecosystems will be permanently altered and a critical part of our islands identity will be lost.


Reform is the key

Currently, Hawai'i's tax system is lopsided. And to make it worse, there is little political will to change that. I have some old ideas and a couple of new ones in order to change things in a progressive fashion so that the greedy are better managed and the low income get to keep more of their hard earned dollars.

Fishing Industry

From Sea to Shining Sea

This is a really tough issue. Why? Because if we keep fishing as we are, our oceans major fisheries will collapse well before 2050. Economies and livelihoods are at stake if the fisheries collapse and also if we force them to stop. I have an idea that might solve the problem.


Working full time should not leave you in poverty

Unions do a great job of helping to ensure that workers have good wages, medical care, and are treated properly by their employers. Not all workers are union members though. In those cases the state needs to look out for it's people. And in no circumstance should a fully employed human being live in poverty.

At a time when the climate crisis is affecting everything on our planet, our islands have never been more vulnerable. And yet the people of Hawai'i must decide if we are going to continue with business as usual? Importing our food, our energy, catering to the rich and wealthy, allowing the gap between the rich and the poor to widen, not investing in our keiki, criminalizing the poor and the houseless, or are we going to see the error in our ways and change course? These and much more are the issues of our islands. How we try to solve them will be decided by your vote.

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