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     I believe that for too long the people of Hawai'i have had to live as third-class citizens in their own home. Struggling to make ends meet by working two to three jobs just to survive here. For too long our leaders have put their interest a head of the interest of the people by siding with the corporations, lobbyists, developers and foreign investors who are using Hawai'i to increase their financial portfolios.


     We can no longer stand still and allow business as usual to continue if we want to build a better Hawai'i for all of us and our generations to come. We need to stand as one and stand up to the corruption and greed which is destroying our beautiful Aina. If we do not, then Hawai'i as we know it shall never be Hawai'i. We must take a stand and say enough is enough and take control of what happens here for all our generations.


     If elected Mayor by the people of Honolulu, we shall accomplish all that and more. 

Ernest David Kaimana Caravalho was born on February 17, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii and was raised in the Ahupua'a of Kalihi. He attended both Farrington High school in Honolulu and Montgomery High in Santa Rosa, California. He served in the United States Air Force and In 2016, ran for Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. Ernest currently works at Aloha Care Health Insurance in Honolulu and is a member of Chinatown Lions Club, former Vice Chair of the Chinatown Downtown Neighborhood Board, Member of the Chinatown Business Community Association and Chair of House District 29 of the Democratic Party.

Ernest is unmarried and currently lives in Honolulu.

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