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The New Hawai'i Project

So what is the New Hawai'i Project?


     The New Hawai'i Project is essentially a vision. A complete vision for Hawai'i that includes all of its problems, a vision that boldly sees one issue campaigns, or campaigns that use the current hot issue in order to get elected, as grossly inadequate for all the things that we face in today's age. 


     What we have done is to take the reality of the situation we are in as a people living on a group of islands, in the middle of the pacific ocean, surrounded by a climate in crisis, garbage, and declining fisheries and come up with a comprehensive plan to deal with our problems at their root in order to uplift and empower our people, create a truly resilient state that can weather sudden and drastic change.

     Ernest's vision is for a Hawai'i that aims to curtail the flaws of capitalism. His vision is not afraid to tackle the unpopular or controversial so long as it truly serves to once and for all solve our most lingering issues. We are promised by political candidates, election after election, an end to this problem or to that issue and yet for all their promises, all of these issues remain. And ever more the only cries and voices heard are that of the rich and powerful and not of the everyday people or of the poor.


     The new Hawai'i Project aims to tackle all of the issues that plague our people and the islands by taking a strong moral root. The ideas we present, in order to try to solve our issues, will be fiercely fought by those who stand to lose if the current scheme of things is upended. In their eyes, the status quo must be upheld at any cost. But what they do not see is that the status quo is upheld on the backs of the houseless, the poor, the bare minimum wage, lies, corruption, greed and by the swift exit from Hawai'i by those that can no longer afford to remain in their ancestral home.

     Our vision is not complete. It needs you. You have knowledge and power. With your help we can refine The New Hawai'i Project and make it better. But with your vote, you can flex your power and help to make this vision a reality. Human beings are prone to being skeptical and dismissive of what others deem impossible or improbable, but that only lasts until someone proves them wrong by making the improbable or the impossible, possible.


With your vote, today's visions and dreams can be the next generations everyday reality.

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