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Renewable Energy

The biggest expense for most people in Hawai'i is energy. Why? Simple, because we are dependent on imported energy sources for most of our power. So what do we do? We need to go all out and transform our energy production in the state as fast as humanly possible from eighteenth century energy sources to 21st century renewables.

We Have Solar Spills Every Day.

     I know this seems like a no brainer, but I will go ahead and get into it anyway. Becoming energy independent by 2045 seems like a goal we can just coast to right? Wrong. With entire nations making giant strides towards ending their dependency on fossil fuels and a few countries having achieved the completely renewable energy mark,  and we, as an island chain in the middle of the Pacific, can not afford to take our time on this.

     One good thing I see more and more of is solar panels. There are all kinds of rules and regulations behind people trying to go solar. We need to clear the way for people that want to go off grid and for those that wish to create smaller community grids.

     The creation of power grids, in its day, was a huge boon to society. Suddenly the marvels of electricity where available to all. We have now reached a point where technology, again, has empowered us to be able to independently generate our own power. This essential advancement negates the need for a centralized power facility.

     As we look forward to where these technologies will take us, we must acknowledge the changes that are necessary. We must shift from main grids, to smaller localized grids. And we must transform our power lines and electrical grid systems to suit what will be the new standard. 

     Alternative energy needs to be the new primary energy: Solar, wind, wave. We need to:

•Use each intelligently based on geography across the islands

•Not all areas will use energy the same way but all areas will use clean energy

•Convert all vehicles to electric.

•Have Honolulu invest in battery technology advancements and start ups.

     As our energy future changes from week to week, so to must we be prepared to upgrade and change our approach to energy. Resiliency is the name of the game and right now Honolulu has a long way to go. I believe that the sooner we can transform ourselves, the more secure and independent Honolulu will be.

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