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We have a section here for the islands of Hawai'i. We genuinely want to hear from all of the islands and counties of our state. This is important to us because our goal is to genuinely represent the people of our state.

Some things can be done quickly. Others will take time and planning. But no matter what the problem is or what you love the most that you want unchanged, we want to hear it.

On this page feel free to share and list your top three things you want changed for the state as a whole and three things you wish preserved in the state.

If you wish to be specific by island/county, then please visit the county/island pages and comment on the one in which you reside.

We will track and pay attention to everything that is said in order to better represent and serve. We can not state enough how much it matters to us that we hear from you so please comment, get your family to comment and your friends.


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