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The Kingdom

The United States political and propaganda machine is very adamant about the things they want the populace to never forget as well as the things they do want you to forget. But in a world and in a society made up of many different peoples and cultures there are many different histories, atrocities, crimes, and injustices that exist simultaneously. Here in Hawai'i, the people will never forget what was done and is being done to them.

Healing Begins With One Simple Act.

     The first and most important thing to acknowledge is that no one person can decide the fate of an entire people. I will not attempt to state what needs to be done and by whom. It is the responsibility of the Kingdom of Hawai'i's descendants to organize for themselves and re-establish who they are and what they wish to become as a people.

     My aim will be to help them and to empower them to do so. One of the first official steps I will take is to acknowledge the history and the act of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai'i and make it clear that the foundation of Hawai'i as a state was not a simple matter of fact. We are the inheritors of all that transpired to bring us to where we are and just like so many will never forget what happened in Pearl Harbor, so too do the originators of these islands never forget what was done to them.

     The sense that many people have that makes them believe that they have to speak or act in the best interest of the native Hawai'ians, without even consulting with them, is an insult.

     Too often, and with no known exception, every major government, state, or country, has been established through colonialism of some sort. And as of yet, no major country that I know of has seen to try to make amends for their nations, or states, past transgressions beyond just words. That maintains a long standing tradition of nations conveniently ignoring the truth behind how they came to be. 

     I will strive to make amends. I will strive to do what, to my knowledge, has never been done: to forge a path forward. There is no example to follow, no road to serve as a guide, but the end goal is to uplift and empower a people that for too long now have been the victims that everyone chooses to forget because it is convenient.

     There is a difference between doing what is right and what is easy, and I choose to do what is right by acknowledging the past first and foremost.

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