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Here in Hawai'i this is a very interesting issue. We all want to get around easier but don't want to give up our gas guzzlers. We want to protect the islands and nature but have no problem building major roads and highways through them all. We have an island chain but no ferry for inter-island travels. It is obvious that we all need to get around to do our daily business and not all solutions will make people happy.

We Have To Square With Necessity and Reality.


     Lets face the most obvious issue first: the rail. Lets keep it simple, we have been lied to from the get go. You, me, and everyone else and no matter how you view the rail that is an undeniable fact. If you look back at what we were told and then sold versus what has transpired, it is clear it was all lies. If you believe nothing else look up how much we were told it would cost versus how much it has cost. It is, per capita, the most expensive rail project in the world, and is expected to get even more so.

     This hearkens back to government corruption. We were sold a bill of lies in order to get approval, then after approval, the truth comes out along with the logic of: well, too late to back out now, forward! At who's expense?, is the first question. The second question is, who is getting paid over this? This whole project fulfills the tried and true motto of the wealthy and corrupt: privatize the gains, socialize the costs.

     The rail should provide for it's own power. O'ahu's power grid isn't built to handle such a large and sudden demand for power from the rail. As such, the rail should provide it's own power through a combination of wind, solar, and wave. How can we build a rail for so much money, have it be yesterdays technology and not have it provide for its own power?



     We must set a concrete date to work towards for the transition to 100% electric vehicles. If we are to bring our costs of living down across the state, one of those must accomplish tasks is the end of our dependency on fossil fuels.

     Our islands are only so big. There is an actual physical limit as to how much we can build and how many cars can exist and operate on the islands. That isn't including the actual limitations of our road infrastructure either. No matter how you feel about it, we will have to square with the notion that we will have to somehow regulate the number of vehicles on the islands.

     One of the boons of electric vehicles is that they are so quiet. When Hawai'i finally becomes all electric, we will look back at the days of super loud and noisy cars, trucks, and motorbikes and wonder how did we ever put up with all that noise?

     Well there isn't a day goes by that some child isn't spooked or made to cringe and or cry over super loud vehicles. I have lost quite a bit of sleep at the sound of cars racing at night and motorcycles needlessly revving their engines. The owners of these vehicles feel they have every right to do so. And many in fact purchase these loud vehicles and parts just for the sound they make. It may sound cool and sweet, but they have a very real effect on others. Yet another issue we will have to tackle.


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